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The Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank
  • was created by NIH as a national resource,
  • sells at cost (e.g. 1 ml of supernatant costs $25.00, not $200.00 or more),
  • is growing at 10% to 20% per year,
  • has been given the distribution rights for monoclonals being generated by an NCI initiative in diagnostics, and
  • has begun a second bank for microbes (DSHB-Microbe).

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please Contact us.

See our collections against

Drosophila antigens
Cell markers
Dictyostelium antigens
Cytoskeletal elements
Transcription factors
Cell determination (CD) antigens
Muscular Dystrophy-associated proteins
NCI - Cancer targets
Neurodevelopment markers
Cardiac development proteins
Extracellular matrix proteins
Cell adhesion receptors
Cell signaling proteins
Epitope tags
Stem cell antigens
Skeletal muscle proteins
Human antigens
C. elegans antigens

Microbe (viruses, bacteria, fungi)

Do you know that we distribute five major stem cell antibodies?

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